Sunday, December 16, 2007

Don't Pollute the Alibata Search Index, Please?

Amidst the popularization of the Alibata index by bloggers in the Philippines, I would like to appeal to some of the responsible bloggers to please do not pollute the Alibata sacredness and index with nonsense posts about it. Write important reviews instead so to make it even more interesting for readers and future researchers from the youth sector.

There should be complete control over too much irrelevant contents to be written just to attain the first position because there's a contest going on. The Alibata will soon, as far as I can see become a victim of the silent polluting of the importance of a national heritage for the Philippines and the Filipinos.

Yes! This is an appeal from me to please respect the sacredness of the old Alphabet in Alibata. If this cannot stop, then Imagine what where would it end up to when it becomes covered with the rubbles of continued dispensing of thrash to its pride as a national treasure that is long forgotten.

This is just an appeal and it's up to you to do as you please as long as you give the Alibata its place where it belongs - our national and ancestral treasure.

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