Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Traveling Back to Batlag Falls

Going Back to Batlag Falls for Business

Two weeks ago, I decided to travel back to Batlag Falls after a few months of not being able to go out and make something interesting for the business plan that I have in mind. The first place that came to my mind is to travel back to Batlag Falls to update the people that I have talked to about a business proposal that I have talked with my wife about last year. This business by the way is related to travel and nature and since my family including my daughter really loves to travel and both of them got hooked on my travel likes, they both agreed to have the business up early this year 2008.

Almost a Close to Nature Business Encounter

Well, the result of the travel to Batlag Falls was actually half success and half no result as the people that I am looking forward to talk to this January 2008 were not there anymore. Luckyme that I did not try to push through last year with the business proposal or else I might have lost temper upon seeing that the people I trusted were gone to nowhere.

Not Failing and Learning from Past Expoerience

At least that's another lesson to take in engaging in a business. However small or big a business is, you must have the time to personally manage it at whatever costs so that when all else fails, you can still smile because of the beauty in nature to which a planned business is out to take place in, at least for me and my family.

I found Real Estate Properties for Sale

My dream with which I shared with both my wife and daughter is that we will have the house by the falls and this is what I can see we will achieve this year. Coming back to Batlag Falls is a journey never to be neglected as I saw one of the best prospects that I have long waited to get which is a house by the falls. There were already numerous real estate properties for sale there and if by that time I had the money to buy it I would have done an impulse buy on one of the greatest I have seen. It was actually a rental villa near the vicinity of Batlag Falls and it was really great seeing it as it reminded me that we have plans and visions on having one this year. Take note: this year and not in the coming years.

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