Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Daranak Falls - Serene Once More

An Overwhelming Peace at Daranak Falls

When I traveled back to Batlag Falls and ended up looking at Daranak Falls I was really overwhelmed once more by the scene that I saw compared to last year's Holy Week visit of the family. It was not as clogged with people and litters of waste materials left by undisciplined people int he falls vicinity at Daranak Falls. This time, it's clean and serene once more like what the picture says, it really says it all that day when I got back at Daranak Falls.

The Promising Serenity of the Water that Falls in Daranak

Once again, the water is very promising that it seems the very few people who are staying for the the night seems to rally love to stay. The place is quiet and very naturally natural. The water that falls from the mouth of the Daranak this time is inviting and I felt so unlucky as I did not bring anything with me that day for i did not prepare at all for the visit. It only came so sudden that all I can do was to think of the plan of establishing a business within the falls vicinity park.

Dining at Daranak Falls

Nevertheless, I still felt so very lucky to have dined ( actually lunched) at the falls tables up near the Batlag Falls. I had with me my usual packed lunch intended for a days work at the amusement but that day I was lucky to have it eaten in the falls park. It was really very relaxing and nice to be there once again with less the panic and traffic of the people waiting for their turn to take a deep dive near the mouth of the falls.

The Half Way Through Pavilion

The pavilion upstairs is really great as it looks halfway finished now unlike last April of Holyweek when we visited. It must be ready for occupancy this coming summer and this I think will give a lot more revenue for the Tanay, Rizal government. I just wish this waters at Daranak Falls and Batlag will be there for my great grand children to enjoy and cherish as this is a great heritage for all people in the Philippines and all over the world who loves water falls hunting.

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