Saturday, January 26, 2008

Manual Directory Submission Service Package

I recently launched a manual directory submission service two weeks ago and it was really very exciting since I now have 2 more people with me doing the service with the help of our list of 2,000 free directories that I have just updated late last year.

Now we are going through so many requests from other countries such as Germany, U.S., Canada, Portugal and more coming from other countries this coming February as they are still under the process of negotiation.

I launched the Manual Directory Submission special package #1 which was submission to 500 free directories/site for $25 USD plus 1 BLOG REVIEW from a PR 2 or PR 3 blogspot blog that I have been managing and taking care of since 2006. It's been very effective for me since I received a lot of orders from colleagues.

For those of you who are looking for this specific service, take it from us at Dsub 800 - The Manual Directory Submission Service Professionals. We will soon be announcing more packages to make the service more enticing to our clients and possibly increase the job orders further to our target this year.

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