Monday, January 28, 2008

Sending a Message in Scrap Book in Orkut

Did you know that sending a message in a person's scrap book in Orkut can be a very good form of link building and growing more friends to have contact with and get backlinks and you can even ask for a few favors from friends you meet and get to know via scrapbooking in Orkut?

Of course this will always be a two-way traffic as when you usually ask for a favor, you also have to return it in any form you can make as an exchange for the favor that you asked for from your Orkut friends.

This I believe goes with the saying that gaining friends means exactly the same with gaining a little advantage over the others. This little advantages when they all get accumulated becomes a big one. You must know by now that networking with people is one of the most powerful strategies over you competition. Furthermore, in SEO, friends count the most.

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