Sunday, January 13, 2008

The New Look of My Blogs This 2008

I don't know how you may find this new look of my blog and practically, I don't care because all I know is I found a great source in the maker of the template. This is truly what I have always seen my blog looking like, a three-column template with the widgets in the sides separated by the floating middle post section where you can find my purely SEO crafted contents.

I never thought this is possible and I couldn't even believe that it is true that whatever you think you can find just put your mind in it and it will come to you. I have always seen some of my blogs even if they were just blogspots or free blogs, looking like paid domain blog but this time I really enjoyed taking a look and making a few modifications.

At first I decide to go for Andreas 04 blogger template which I caught a glance at Marhgil Macuha's blog late last year but then I decided to wait a while for the right template to come out and now here it is and I cannot really describe the feeling that I am in right now when I tried to upload it from the the zipped file. First it was my SEO Outsourcing Philippines blog and then my Directory Submission blog and then followed my Paradise Philippines blog and finally, the new look also for my Business Process Outsourcing blog. this is really getting to be so very interesting with only a few needed modifications that I do not know yet how to tweak and troubleshoot.

I hope I can find the antidote to this problem so to make my blog look better without any problems. Thanks for the template Blog and Web, you really deserve to be linked to and so this one is for you.

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