Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Gratitudes List in 2008

2007 has been very kind to us as a family. I was able to raise everything from dust on my daughters education compared to the worst in 2002. I achieved so many great deeds for the family and now it is time that I put myself on the table and give myself something that will make my day even more beautiful than ever.

The Next Realities in my Life

There will be next good things to happen this 2008 and I am not expecting it but much better, I can see it from here in front of my PC right now. Travels to nice places, a new house and lot to live happily with my family. Somewhere away from the troubles of the city. I can see that I am going to get that house by the falls and become healthier because I know that I will buy a new boxing gadget for myself like a hand glove bandage, heavy bag, punching bag, a very nice skipping rope, 10 pcs of tents for the start of the business of tent rentals and possible my own massage center by the many great and alluring nature tripping places. i have always loved nature and this is where my attention is focused right now. Getting myself a house by the falls. My wife and daughter know all about that and I will not fail on this one this year.

For now I guess I won't have to talk much about this all but for a short period of 1 year, I will do all these good deeds and be able to get it all before the year ends. Will follow this up with what I am thankful of by listing all of it in another blog of mine, seoptimizers.com. 2008 here I come.

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