Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yahoo Finally Catches Spam E-Mails

Just the other day, I found my Yahoo Mail filled with spam e-mails and a flag icon beside all the e-mails that I have been receiving and this seem something new to me. I got used to going over all my e-mails one by one just to filter out those spam e-mails. This is how it's been for years of internet life and it has never been the same that day the other day.

I'm glad that after a few years of using Yahoo Mail, they finally got the nerve to activate spam guard. I like it the way it is now because it helped me via automatic filtering of literally hundreds of spam e-mails every 2 days or so. Now it is easier than ever for me to do the deletion. The only question however for me is that if Yahoo spamguard will really be as effective in filtering those unwanted e-mails in my Yahoo.

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