Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How do you get 8,000 Links Using Basic SEO and a Challenge

This is nothing new to the Busby SEO Challenge on how do participants gain 8,000 links in one single month. Well, it will all depend on how you use your talent in link building because link building seem simple from the start but these days, they a little bit easier and complicated.

It is indeed easier to get links but because Google did something to the link reading efforts, it made things a little bit complicated. A sudden upsurgge of links can dramatically drop you down from the results and you'll be surprised to see your site or a client's site in the last of the results.

A good example of this is the Busby SEO Challenge contest launched by Busyby Web Solutions. Some participants already have links by the number but see where they are in the results. Google won't let it be that fast for those guys using an old domain with literally thousands and thousands of links already present and indexed by the search engines. It won't be that easy to use those links so an advantage could be derived by launching a few new domains that has the keywords in the domain and from there you give it a few links and then point all the links that you will make out of that site point to the domain you have for the contest.

So how do I really give it a kick and allow the search engines see my links? Well, let's see how this does. I just hope this Busby SEO Challenge contest teaches me more about how the search engines behave these days. It is a very important factor to see how they see efforts and how they display it in front of the people.

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