Monday, June 16, 2008

My Busby SEO Challenge Log Center

I finally made my very own Web Design Toys and I bet you guys out there will also go for this as soon as you find it in the first page of the results after I build more links to it. This is something new for most of you and you might have never known about this one since and this will be the first time that you see it.

I have used this a few months ago in an SEO experiment to push a webpage that I have been building up links to so I personally saw how powerful this page can be when you make one for any type of webpage. But the thing is you have to learn to use it wisely to be able to come up with the best results and this will be pretty easy for you guys to do it and understand from the character of this Busby SEO Challenge Log Center.

This does not allow any comments I guess but what's important is that you will find this one in the top of the charts in as fast as a 5-day period to a week if I do it right with the link building effort bound for this page. See ya all there.

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