Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stiff Challenge, Stiff Competition

The competition on the Busby SEO Challenge SEO Worldcup indeed is becoming more and more intense as the entries get to the top not by algorithm of the organic results but because of the strict implementation of the different SEO efforts to push each of the competitor's team entries. This is going to be more and more interesting and to see who's who in the arena of white hat SEO, the rules have to become tighter.

First, domains with either of the three major keywords were not allowed and then the algorithm dancing to the tune of the previous world SEO champs. Who will it be this time. I can smell something going on and I am really excited about it. I'd love to see a fair challenge and a fair competition and see who's really the best. I hope Busby Web Solutions, the major sponsor will now allow those entries who are using 301 and so on.

This is also a call to the major sponsor to stand by and warn the competitors who are using the rule loopholes to gain leverage over their competition. This is not fair, tell us what you see is wrong with the rules and so we can all work to make things better for everyone who joined this contest and give a fair challenge to all newbies like me as well. We want to take the thrown and we want to prove something here. This could be another David and Goliath fight till the end in the arena of SEO. Let's play fair and see who's who and who will become the only one.

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