Friday, June 20, 2008

Offpage Effort for Busby SEO Challenge Entries

We have as a team 2 entries to the Busby SEO Challengerace and we intend to win this landing in the # 1 position at the end of the time frame given by Busby Web Solutions, the major sponsor of this world SEO Contest. We would not go for not more than being on top over the best in the business in the history of all world SEO contests.

Busby SEO Challenge is the perfect venue and we want to take this even if we are what most would call as newbies. We want to be there when everything else happens and we want to prove that we can do more than what the best can do in this challenge. One of our entries is on its way to the top of the results and we hope that a few good effort to push the other one back to the top will be effective. Optimizing the onpage factors of the page that previously belongs to the first page in the top 5 slots is a hard task but someone has to do it and since I own the site, I might as well do it myself and see how I can revive the old glory my site has a few weeks back.

I believe I can do it with the help of the team and with the help of my skills. I wanted to prove that I can do something, in fact I have a little experiment and I hope to succeed on this in as fastest a period as I can. This will involve the stiff competition in the Busby SEO Challenge keyword and so this is just perfect for me and my experiment. We'll see if this will erase the theories in my head. If it does, I will probably be the first ever to achieve it in a contest. I will be on a constant lookout for the change of results and in getting a double listing.

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