Thursday, February 14, 2008

Visiting Plaridel Quezon

This Holyweek, me and my officemates are looking forward to visit Quezon Province, particularly in Plaridel. I really do not know much of the place and this is the reason why I am trying to look for other nice places to go to in the internet but it seems that very few people leave for the great place.

There are only a few information that I know of about Plaridel Quezon but I am looking forward to come to the place this Holyweek to unwind and maybe drink a little but mostly, this will surely be another silent business venture as this is how I usually treat every travel that I give myself as a price for working hard in the internet and earning a little cash to spend for traveling to places in the Philippines.

Those of you who will find this post, please gladly comment and tell me about Paridel Queazon about the beautiful places to visit there. It will be a very big help for the group just in case. Thank you in advance.

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