Monday, February 04, 2008

Famous SEOs Fight Fat Campaign

A fight Fat campaign was to be launched soon and this will feature some of the biggest names in the SEO community like Aaron Wall, Dazzlin Donna, Ben Cook, Jim Boykin and more.

The information was leaked according to the famous Blogging Experiment Blog and I only got this information from the same site by Ben Cook. He said in his blog that since the information was already leaked into the search engine world, he took the time to make the announcement, seeing that it would do no harm to preempt the issue.

This fight fat campaign is actually an initiative that is worth not just SEOs in the U.S. but also people all over the world but since the people behind the campaign is mostly (if not all) composed of SEOs, then the credit should by all means go to the people behind the initiation of the amazing campaign to fight getting fat.

Just thinking it over while I am writing this blog, it came to my mind that what if SEOs here in the Philippines will also launch the same campaign and help integrate it to the same campaign that the big guys in SEO are initiating? Maybe it would have been better if this was made to become a call for all SEOs in the world to unite and help produce funds in each country to help people lessen the ratio of fat people with the use of information dissemination and such. Just an opinion anyway.

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