Wednesday, February 06, 2008

AdSense and Video Units

AdSense has now incorporated in their video units the availability of Ads in YouTube. This new interface allows AdSense publishers to put up AdSense ads in their video units from YouTube.

This new scheme by Google is another yet great feature that puts the biggest search on top above them all in the race to affiliate marketing and ads publishing industry. You can try and read more from the Adsense Blog about this new feature and interface to see if this will work for your publisher's account.

Take a look at the easy to follow steps in making money online with Google's video units now and start to earn money for your publisher's account or you can also see how you can be able to make your PPC campaing become the first to ramp up YouTube's video units Adsense Ads.

1 comment:

Jesper petersen said...

Are video units available outside the us yet?
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