Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Jun Lozada Revelation Shocked the World, The Malacanang and the Filipinos

Is Jun Lozada the new hero of this youth generation or is he just another victim of the rooted corruption in the ZTE broadband scam/NBN scam? This is about the revelation that shook the world, the Filipinos and the Malacanang Palace.

Jun Lozada is a nobody in the ZTE broadband deal/NBN deal scam but when his name floated in the controversies, midway the NBN deal scam, he already doubted that his name will soon surface. His total revelation shocked the world, the Malacanang Palace and more so, the FIlipinos all over the world. His revelation did something that made everybody blurt out with anger especially the youth with whom the Philippines is taking a step in hopes to resurrect the country with a neverending debt from the different countries like U.S. and China.

A story that told the people just the other day from "The Correspondents"made a clear point as to why and how China became interested and actually put a great deal of effort to place a multi- million dollar investment for the so called NBN deal/ZTE deal which later on turned the country into a checkpoint of questions and wandering press people dying to know all about the deal and why choose the Philippines.

Going back to the release the other day on "The Correspondents" it was according to some points raised that the issue is not actually NBN or ZTE or the Philippine Government but instead, it's the Spratly Island claim of China. Leaving the issue to people to think of, I guess there really is something going on in the under the table discussions from the start of the deal but the people behind it are willing to take all the risks, even their life and prestige as a servant of the government and the people. Benjamin Ablaos is one of them. Some would effect that the former chairman of COMELEC indeed had a kickback to protect involving the ZTE deal.

This is now a circus of the best clowns in the government and we, the Filipino people are not going to stand and watch you all steal from us. This highway robbery has been going on for decades now and this will not pass. The students and the professionals know now what it is like to be torn apart without knowing why and how and this is the time. The time to be strong and be together in a crisis brought about by the ZTE scam/NBN scam. We will pray and seek what must be done because it is we, the people who truly have what it takes to cure this government and this crisis that some greed officials have wrought to us effectively since.

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