Thursday, August 02, 2007

Artificial Rains in Paradise Philippines

Paradise Philippines is Raining Artificially

Today it has been a week or so that the metro is experiencing some sort of a brief and scattered rain showers from the skies of various places in the designated areas in Metro Manila. I believe that this is the work of the artificial process of making the paradise Philippines land filled with rain and recover from too much loss of water due to EL Nino.
El Nino in Paradise Philippines

They say that the dams are starting to loose the needed water and that the water level is way too low and way below the expectations and standards of the bureau of water management in the Philippines. they also say that this will cause them to make some rationing of water supply in the future. Warning the people of the paradise Philippines that this will take effect anytime of the month if the water supply will not recover from the big loss due to El Nino.

Meanwhile, it is advised clearly by the proper authorities that people of the paradise Philippines should start the conservation procedures of water consumption to avoid a possible less supply of the major household need.

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