Monday, August 20, 2007

Malu Fernandez and Her Elitist Acts Towards OFW

The Malu Fernandez Buzz

What's hot today in the Philippine blogosphere? Well, it's Malu Fernandez, a columnist who wrote about the the OFW being a sardine and her hates of being with them, just like a bunch of sardine in a sardine can. She also boasted about her expensive perfume while saying that the OFWs are using some cheap cologne making her own evaporate into thin air.

Malu Fernandez Showboats of Being an Elite

Saying the terms below she means that she is dismembering herself from the Filipino community and that she is far different from her fellow Filipinos who are working out their sweat just to give a decent life to their families.

This time i had already resigned myself to being trapped like a sardine in a sardine can with all these OFWs smelling of AXE and Charlie cologne while my Jo Malone evaporated into thin air.

Malu Fernandez Eats no Rice but Shit

What this Malu Fernandez think she is an alien eating a different food from what the common masses have in their small dining tables. Doesn't this Malu Fernandez eat rice? Maybe she deserves a slap in the face for her to wake up from a nightmare that she created bursting out unnecessary words against the very same people who made us all live in pride and decency.

Malu Fernandez is a Stinking Smelly Rotten Fish

This is what we call as what Dr. Jose Rizal does - "mabahong isda". Yes, she is a stinking smelly rotten fish, more than what she thought of the OFWs who earned their peso and dollar in sweats and not in self promoting an elitist columnist in her.

As last hurrah, this blog wants to tell Malu Fernandez out there that nobody dares step into OFWs and Filipinos just like what she did. We will not let this happen without justice to the OFW !

NO to discrimination of OFW.

Malu Fernandez - Fire her out!

BOYCOTT People Asia Magazine !

BOYCOTT other publications that support Malu Fernandez articles.

We will not stop until Malu Fernandez is out for good and she should apologize "to all" OFW that she descriminated. Lahat ng inalipusta nya doon sa meetup na yon dapat nya isa-isahin hingan ng public apology. Malu Fernandez is a shame to the Filipino people, the OFW and the Filipino communities abroad. Malu Fernandez made the biggest mistake in her life trying to humiliate not just herself but her family as well with what wrong impression she generated about the OFW all over the world. If this is her way to be famous, then so be it. This blog is just the start of something even bigger.


Anonymous said...

u got that right sistere!!!!lets kill her..

Anonymous said...

Malu Fernandez is RP's Queen of Mean, a whole lot more meaner than that American socialite whose death we read about lately (thank goodness she's gone for eternity!). Hey there Ms Fernandez! Where have you been all these years? Haven't you heard of the OFWs being the "Bagong Bayani ng bansang Pilipinas?" What do you think props up the RP economy through good times and bad (and especially bad)? of course, it's the hard-earned money of the sweaty, cheap-perfumed OFWs. How about you? What honor have you brought to your country? Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

malou Fernandez you're a pathetic bit.. no matter how hard you tried to be a look upon as an elite or class.ang pag tingin sayo ng mga europian or american ay pinay na pinay kc ang ilong mo ay pango. Funny when i saw your photo I got a good laugh kc mukha mo ay parang abnoy. im sure pina retoke mo na ang mukha mo or nag pa repair ka ng ano mo. may God have mercy on your soul sana ma karma ka.