Thursday, August 09, 2007

Typhoon Dodong in Paradise Philippines

Typhoon in the Philippines
Typhoon in the Philippines is a very common occurrence. Just today, Dodong is expected to devastate the lands with his wind powers reaching to the max. These typhoons made the Philippines a paradise of these typhoons which number reaches up to about 20 each year. The typhoons that make the country suffer floods and disasters have made some of the country's population very cautious at times that the rainy season arrives from the Philippine Sea.

Typhoons in the Philippines have claimed so many lives since time immemorial but still this time of the day, we feel very lucky to have been a highway for many typhoons. The reason is because typhoons somehow shed some light to our land if the waters in the dams are running low in the expected level standards to be able to predict a steady supply of water in the Metro for about a year or so. If these typhoons don't come over for the months that it is expected to come, the country authorities are doing some alternative ways to be able to generate the needed water supply to the dams and the green plantations of agricultural products for which the Philippines is very popular with. Since water is a main need for any agriculture to prosper and grow, then water is an essential part of these products for the people of the paradise Philippines.

Through careful assessments, typhoons somehow put the Philippine lands in a suitable situation where the various agricultural lands prosper out of having been rained in caused by typhoons. The disadvantage with this occurrence is that if the typhoons grow into a humongous super typhoon, then, the more the country will suffer from shortage of vegetable supplies in many metro areas because the routes are being clogged by the landslides and fallen trees brought about by the tremendous winds of these typhoons. I guess this just about wraps it out that typhoons are not really the ones we expect for the agriculture of our lands to prosper but the rains, plain old monsoon rains in paradise Philippines.


typhoon dodong said...

This year, typhoon dodong did not caused so much harm and I'm thankful for that one.

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Thanks for the info.