Saturday, September 03, 2011

Earning while watching a movie - Wedding Tayo Wedding Hindi

At bakit hindi? It's a Sunday and I bet most families who have the money to spend today are either out for a short day vacation or to the least in the mall to eat or watch movie but what's with me today keeping up with this blog yet again... a spree for watching a movie and earning while enjoying it? Nice!  Well, that's what liberty a blogger gets especially if your employer is Google. I'm glad.

Yahoo!!! Family bonding today, we're gonna be watching Tagalog movie today and probably stretch out a bit that jaw for a younger face. What movie? What else but Toni G and Uge (as they call Eugene Domingo) "Wedding Tayo Wedding Hindi". And why not? Sometimes we have to bear the fact that local movies are those that we can relate easier and enjoy wholesome fun with.

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