Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thewi Thai Massage experience is nice

Me and Jake just had to do it. Yes, finally, after a few weeks of planning to go over to the Thewi Thai Massage building in D.Tuazon where we are also having our dental checkup with Dr. Cyril Barriso of Smile Clinic, it's did push through. The plan was boosted by our desire to give our mind and body the type of relaxation that it needs after a month's hectice daily schedule of working at home.

The end results was actually what I had to really enjoy. Indeed, the Thai massage was one of the best if not the best and I am encouraging all friends over on Facebook to try it whether at Tonton Massage or the Thewit Thai Massage in D. Tuazon. Why do I say this? Well, I must admit that it is not a rare experience that whenever I get through a relaxing treat with my daily Yoga, it sort of gives me the refreshing feeling not just with my body but the best part is I feel so relaxed in my mind.

We enjoyed the 1 hour Thai massage and it did give me a lot of benefits. First off, I came up with an amazing solution to my problem of having to work long hours just to pay for the car monthly dues, my web expenses, school of our princess, personal and health expenses as well. After the massage, I am giving myself and the 3 of us a monthly treat with Thewit Thai Massage or probably try Ton Ton next time in Banawe. Again, why? Simply because of the benefits with respect to health and mind relaxation.

After the massage, I am giving myself just 1 week and I'm sure I'd be able to come up with the completion of a semi-automated system that I thought of after waking up so very early today at (maybe) 2:00 AM. I had it all in my mind and I am going to implement it soon as possible. In fact right now, I am already working on it. I can just imagine how great the mind is if it gets the right relaxation that it needs because I can see myself to be shifting from a 16 hour daily work to a 15 minute work in the morning and 15 minute work in the evening.

Excited on this because I will soon be able to take a lot of time relaxing at the age I have today as well as give my wife the same liberty as I. This year is really going to be exciting and if revenues permit, I'd like to make the massage treat a weekly regular or us 3 plus my parents. Planning to bring and treat my friends there too if budget allows it and I know it will come sooner. Health and wellness from now on will be an investment for the family.

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