Monday, September 24, 2007

The Braodband Scam In the Philippines

ZTE Broadband Scam in Paradise Philippines

The ZTE Broadband scam in paradise Philippines is starting to take its toll on the politics and the arena of debate of the opposition and the administration side in the senate hearing session hall. They all want a touch of the scam but no one is willing to take full responsibility of the biggest theft in the country.

Benjamin Abalos Admits Talking to High Officials

I can really sense something cooking in this new ZTE broadband scam that suddenly smelled in the Philippine community today and this is that the first gentleman is also involved in the multi-million dollar scam. Mr. Banjamin Abalos admitted that he indeed and truthfully talked to the high officials of ZTE telecoms in China but admits that it is purely regarding friendship and sports. Now who's he to deceive? Us? No way MR. ABALOS. Admit it, you have something cooking in there right before you got caught by the eyes of the jealous people who felt they should get part of the contract and upon learning that they are not part of it, BOOM!! goes the weasel...

Somewhere along the way the name of the first gentleman floated in the discussions and this is enough to make some buzz that he is indeed involved again. If this is not true, then what is behind the freezing of the deals and contract talks with the ZTE officials by the president herself. Is this truly just to avoid misconceptions and lead to a clean investigation is this because the president is hiding something that was cooking from the start of this. My personal view on this issue is that upon feeling that the truth will soon come out, she at once declared the temporary freezing of talks with ZTE high officials.

This is another type of manipulation using power i guess and this has to end somewhere along the way. I can also sense jealousy that has triggered this exposure. Jealousy to the point that the De Venecias did not get what they feel they deserve as a share. Forgive me if i'm wrong but this is the way I think as i have the blood of a natural born politician in me. Ha Ha Ha.... "Paradise Philippines" is again in the brink of going down in terms of trust of the foreign investors".

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