Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Paradise Philippines - Top Exporter Now !

To Boast or not to Boast

According to Labor Secretary Arturo Brion, paradise Philippines is now the top exporter of labor workforce to many countries all over the world. I don't know if this is something that we can boast of because as we all know, exporting labor workforce is not only an indication that we are going to have a better economy by the major dollar-earning industry brought about by OFWs in the world labor market. This is also proof that we do not have enough facilities and opportunities for the rising workforce that we now have in our country and that this is the primary reason why we are the top exporter of labor workforce today.

Paradise Philippines is TOP Exporter of Labor?

Exporting this as part of a growing economy is not enough to boast to the world and more so, to the people that we are one great Philippine country but instead we are one big balloon of unemployed professionals and skilled workers where other countries are willing to take chances at by giving jobs and opportunities that this country cannot otherwise provide to the people of paradise Philippines.

The Phillippine Labor Sec is not Thinking Well

If the Labor Secretary thinks that he is doing good by waving his banner as the country becomes the top exporter of labor workforce, he is very damn wrong about it. This is the point where we as people of paradise Philippines should think that this is yet another form of deceiving the population that we are on top and therefore we are the best. Yes we are on top and yes we are the best but for what? That is the question. This particular event requires critical thinking to come up with the proper interpretation by the Filipino people. We are no dogs that you can feed with lies and deception anymore. The OFW is well aware of this situation and they are not the least knowledgeable people of all in paradise Philippines to know that this is not the right kind of sh** that people in the government can feeds them.

Paradise Philippines OFW are no Dogs They are The Ones Who Feed YOU !

If only the government can see how the OFW population feels that they have to serve other people instead of giving their expertise and services to their own land, then maybe, just maybe, the government will not boast of this king of crap anymore. OFW of paradise Philippines are no dogs that you can drag and drop with a measly bone, they are the ones that feed you and I with their sweat. Don't humiliate them the more with this crap.

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