Thursday, June 16, 2011

Planning to Buzz off to Tagbilaran in a month to see Chocolate Hills

I just took a peek at the available promo flights at Cebu pacific and Zestair and found out a few offers of promoflights bound to Tagbilaran. Why Tagbilaran? Because I've always wanted to come to Bohol and see the chocolate hills brown gold under the heat of the sun. Well, since it's no longer summer, I'd like to take time to visit still with promo flight I've been talking about earlier.

The grass is already green but I guess this will do for me. It would be a unique experience to go there in the rainy season as the hills are no longer chocolate but green with the dripping rain from the skies. Chocolate hills, here I go!!!

By October, I'd be probably going to Baguio with my parents and family to celebrate my father's birthday. - Sam Casuncad

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