Thursday, June 16, 2011

PBB Season 4 - ABS-CBN

PBB Season 4 will soon start boozing for the fans of the Pinoy Big Brother reality tv show. Kuya will soon have his dictatorship type of rules implemented in the PBB house of ABS-CBN channel 2. Not sure though if there will be changes from the previous episodes. I just hope that only a few will be out.

As for the official PBB season 4 audition dates and schedule, please stand by for the 2012 because the 2011 audition is already finished. If you want to attend one, be sure to learn about the requirements first. You can see it at the official ABS-CBN PBB season 4 website. Good luck the chosen PBB contestants. Also visit my blog about the previous PBB Double Up.

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