Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Automation of posts begins for Sam

Today begins the full blast of the automation of all my upcoming posts here at Posterous. I've always wanted to get some service that will do this for me since because I am really having a hard time updating all my blogs at once or to the least in one sitting here in front of my computer. I wanted this and now that I found it here, I want to stay for long.

Probably be posting around an article a day but for now I've been testing this service and trying to see what else there is to explore. I just love Posterous and if given the chance, I'd like to create other relations to all my blogs out there. So far, there are just a few of the blogs I have that gets the update. Today just now, I've added a blogger blog. Looking forward to test blast this post. - Sam Casuncad

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