Thursday, July 16, 2009

How Do You Find Dofollow Blogs

Has Google done another something with dofollow blogs and the special treatment that it gives to these types of blogs? I heard from a friend that even when you turn your blogspot into a dofollow blog, you'd still have that nofollow attribute in your outbound links.

But of course this is not a confirmed fact and just some assumptions. I myself have turned my SEO Outsourcing Blog into dofollow a year back and it still is getting quite a lot of visitors from everywhere including those who own .ru domains with sneaky senseless comments leading to online stores selling se* gadgets of all sorts.

Anyway, dofollow for me still works and it will remain working for my own opinion for as long as it works so well for Google in preventing a little bit about exploiting linking and link building. Will take a look on this when I am not so busy with my work. For SEO I would do a lot to learn more.

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