Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Stiff Cebu SEO Contest Competition

The results on the Cebu SEO contest in Google doesn't seem to want to move at all which means that all SEO contest contestants are doing good and doing all out promotion and link building to their entries. This is an SEO contest that was supposed to be filled with fun but now it has turned solely into a stressful moment for all SEOs on top 10 spot. I am glad that the reasons why I am having little less sleep is because of work and trying to learn a lot more about SEO and not with the contest.

I had no one to do it for me so what I do is to take it slow and sure to the top. All participants must be wondering why I got there so fast just like how I did it the first time I had a blog post about the contest. The reason is that I know little things that can make or break an entry in the said Cebu SEO contest, I just want to enjoy and learn, not to stress myself out with the contest. Of course I am also doing it quite regular to make sure that there is something for the search engines to see fresh all the time. Posting sometimes worthless posts so just to let the search engines know that I am updating my blog every now and then.

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