Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Web Design, Development, SEO and SEM Services in Egypt

SEO Services Egypt - My research recently led me to a study in Egyptian market with respect to web design services in Egypt, SEO and SEM and this is what I found about. Egypt is literally a very young market for (SEO) search engine optimization and (SEM) search engine marketing and there are a lot of possibilities to tap into their market. Right now, what I am taking as a path is to get involved see what sort of businesses have been established there in Egypt as well as the nature of the said market in SEO and SEM. A friend who is a pioneer in the web development in Egypt has been working on several clients already and he is there to serve his local business regarding SEO services and other web development jobs.

Taking this situation, I came across and found so much potential with respect to other related web development services in Egypt and right now I am helping a friend to harness all the possibilities of taking in big and small clients that need SEO and SEM services there. Some companies already found us and we want to serve them the perfect combination of SEO and SEM services in Egypt because we want to be known as the prime provider of such services for the businesses in the whole of Egypt.

A few clients will do for now because the nature of the people owning business there are very much different from what we used to think about the market. Businesses would prefer to take advantage of the cheapest service as well as take in more than what they want from SEO and possibly top their niche as early as possible to compete in the online market and also with their competing business nature. The next few posts here in my blog will probably be a move to further promote the SEO industry and market in Egyt as well as the SEM possibilities and be able to tap in to business needs.

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seo freelancer said...

thanks for info! I also have interest to Egyptian SEO scene, as there are a huge demand for SEO concerning tourism.