Saturday, November 24, 2007

Where is Typhoon Lando?

Typhoon Lando Kills 14 People

Two typhoons devastated the archipelago of Paradise Philippines in just a few days of interval. The first one is typhoon Lando who killed 14 people, injured 11 more and left 11 missing after its rage on the Philippine lands.

Typhoon Triggers Increase in Sugar and Vegetable Prices

Typhoon Lando greatly affected the vast lands and the economy of the population in the Philippines as it leaves the agriculture lands with destroyed plantations of both rice and vegetables. It even triggered the increase of major commodities like sugar and vegetables which is one of the first to get affected everytime these typhoons wet the Paradise Philippines agricultural lands and plains.

Typhoon Mina - To Turn out into a Super Typhoon

After typhoon Lando leaves the country with its might, there is yet another typhoon feared to transform into a super typhoon. It's name is typhoon Mina. Expected to arrive this Saturday at the rich agricultural lands of the Bicol Region, typhoon Mina is estimated to carry wind strength that could reach up to 3 times the might of typhoon Lando. This speed and strength is according to PAGASA enough to declare an early warning to the people of Bicol region and issue words of warning and encouragement to government agencies to remain vigilant to this occurrence and be patient in expecting an all day long help to issue to the expected victims of the expected super typhoon that is estimated to arrive in the Paradise Philippines area of responsibility by Saturday.

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