Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Cotabato City Fire in Paradise Philippines

Cotabato Fire Ashed 200 Homes

A Cotabato City fire ashed almost 200 homes in Paradise Philippines yesterday according to the news. All in all, there were 500 families that were left homeless as the Cotabato City fire ashes about 200 homes. A video showing the fire caught a citizen using the small icon of a Santo Nino fronting it to the fire location while praying for the said fire in Cotabato to stop.

There were also some people caught in the video jumping from the roof while the fire was going on. Families that are rendered homeless by the Cotabato City fire in Paradise Philippines were brought to a school vicinity where they will be sheltered until they find homes to stay and be given some relief operation help in terms of food and medicines.

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