Friday, November 10, 2006

The Microscopes Gallery of Links

I have built an enormous amount of backlinks in this business site that i have been promoting lately which is primarily in to the microscopes business for a long time. The links below are just some of the derivatives of and product of our link-building jobs for the microscopes company.

Established as a microscopes dealing cooperative based in the U.S., is a combination of a business and an organization at the same time that helps the scientific community by providing cheap prices of different microscopy equipments and gadgets from just the ordinary student microscopes to the most sensitive industrial microscopy equipments like the electron microscopes.

I have been the link-building outsourcing team leader for the cooperative for just about three months now and i can estimate that the job i have done for their busines is at a certain point where we have already built enormous amounts of backlinks just by directory submissions able to achieve high rankings in the SERP's of Google, Yahoo and MSN or the big 3 search engines.

By searching for the keyword microscopes alone in any of the search engines we were before nowhere to be found in their SERP's but to this date, we have been able to achieve better visibility in competing for the microscope keyword alone. Hardwork of the team has contributed to this point of our link building efforts and hopefully, by the end of the year, we are targetting to be on the top page as the #1 result in every surfer's search for the keywod microscopes where we are competing with about 1, 155,125 in MSN, 9,670,000 in Google and 3,870,000 in Yahoo.

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