Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ituloy AngSulong and Using Firefox Plug-ins

I am involved right now with directory submissions and other marketing jobs and i find doing it to be helping me a lot in terms of the incrase in knowledge and ROI. Manging the promotions of a business website has never been the best feeling that i had since i got involved in the Search Engine Marketing and SEO gigs. I would just like to suggest to the readers of this post that there is good firefox plug- in that you can use for submitting your website to directories if ti comes with youas plan. This Firefox plug-in is free and downloadable, just try and find or search for the Firefox plug-in options in the Firefox browser and look for the Informenter plug-in.

Just recently, a prestigious contest was launched and announced at The Fort - Jill's resto bar about the Ituloy AngSulong keyword promotion ranking and SEO contest. In this contest, the SEO's involved will have to do more that just the fanatical and traditional SEO tactics. Everybody else has to use some other ways to win the "triple jackpot" prize. The game is actually about being good in your ways and means regardless if you would make use of the Philippine SEO standards or be on it's way below the foot and ground status. The only point in this Ituloy AngSulong contest is - "WINNING!"

If winning is everything, then as far as my opinion is concern, i wouldn't want to join the Ituloy AngSulong contest. In the first place if it would do no good for me in becoming the best SEO and marketing professional with the use of cheap tactics,i'd gladly decline joining. I know that many will criticize this post of mine about the subject matter but my only purpose is to make SEO's in the Philippines realize that being great does not necessarily mean using or going for below the ground tactics just to satisfy our ego-centric desires of winning. After all winning the Ituloy AngSulong is not everything if you won't learn anything from it. No, no, no, said old joe. because if i were to join the Ituloy Angsulong contest, then i will make sure that i will win using and sorting out for a prestigious technique of my own instead of just using those degrading and below the belt tactics like spamming, hidden links and cloaking. It would be very obvious to use in this contest.
Remember that in this Ituloy AngSulong contest, you have to be a little bit sensitive because you as a participant will carry the big workload and responsibility to give your all without sacrificing the whole pizza where many others are hoping to get their income out of. Just don't take other decent SEO's for granted in order to win the Ituloy AngSulong contest please...

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