Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Just Found a Way to Remove All Useless Links in This Blog on Christmas

It's Christmas day 2013 and what a great day to start and end it with being able to find so many useless links on this blog since 2007. There must've been hundreds of them I just took off from each individual post I found on my index. While doing that, I was glad to finally free it from being a link farm I've done in the early days of being a SEO practitioner in the Philippines.

I've never felt so great than today and it's a good thing to be able to give this nice blog some time. I didn't remove any of my content but is willing to do so if anything bad still runs in any of the posts I previously made here. Many of them are pretty off topic due to the fact that I used this blog for blog to get paid schemes back then and I must admit that some of the businesses I found linked to from here would be glad to have their sites free from useless links found in my posts for blog review back in 2009.

Just imagine that some of those links dated back since 2009 and they aged up to as long as 5 years in here without any good effect to the business owners? Wow! that must be some relief back there for some who didn't even know it had little to no effect and worse, bad effect that could have caused their business to literally go down the drain. Now that I have freed this blog from those useless spammy links, let us see what happens after a week or two of update writing fresh good content here on this long lost blog about SEO the life of a master.

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