Friday, July 15, 2011

Diether Ocampo and Kris Aquino: What's the score?

So what's the real score between hunk Diether Ocampo and Kris Aquino? Is there really anything going between these two celebrities? Well, the last time I heard about them was a kissing scene buzz wherein it created just the right mixture for the upcoming new movie they will have.

Today, reading in Push.Com, the headline says "Diether Ocampo chooses to enjoy his friendship with Kris Aquino for now". What does this mean? Will there be another movie for the two? Will Kris Aquino be having a new movie or is it going to be a new one for Diet?

Let's just see what happens. I believe that in every controversy and in every buzz, there is a bigger reason and I also believe that it will be either another new movie or an upcoming show.

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