Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Link Building with Social Media Puts Your Site Links in a Vacuum

So I just read today in searchengineland a phenomenon about link vacuum and how it is created with the use of social bookmarking as the method for building backlinks to a page which usually points to the account owner's site.

Now, we all know that many of us including SEOs who don't realize what they are doing is creating a trend more than traffic to their business using Twitter. Some have even made their own Twitter Plug-In just to get in the hype of the business in hopes that getting in means the same as or is equal to traffic. WRONG.

Twitter is not equal to traffic if that is what you think. It is merely a social network that aims to get together common business interest and personal interest. Maybe a trend more than a traffic generator. If you will just read how a link building vacuum is created using the site, you would have realized by now the possibilities of such phenomenon. Not that the source is a reputable web info center but because you understand the consequence of what you are doing.

Overall, there is nothing bad twitting all the time everyday but for me, I'd rather spend time building links to my websites than twitting and hoping someone would follow and possibly create a dream traffic to my business or personal gratitude. I have nothing against Twitter but I haven't used it for a long time now.

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