Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Cebu SEO Master - I Support Me and Myself

I cannot have anyone top support for the Cebu SEO Contest so I am declaring a full support to myself. This is so absurd but this is the most effective method in winning the Cebu SEO Challenge. Everything will be different in few days more. Stiffer and stiffer the entries will be because of link building effort.

While most would link build and put a lot of weight in their home page, I am working the other way around. I want to see if this experiment will work for me as an initial study but I know that I will get somewhere with it. Of course this is provided that nobody plays any dirty tricks.

Well if that is the case, I just have to smile and say OK. I loose nothing but I have a lot to gain with this SEO contest by a Cebu blogger. BTW, thank you for initiating this SEO contest because I needed just this to see where SEO techniques lead as well as where link building will lead me.

I want to be one of the best if not the best link builder here in the Philippines as I have dubbed myself already from a linkedin profile as the Link Structure Optimization Professional. I hate to call myself an expert because I believe those who say it to themselves are really hollow inside. I prefer it to be more of a qualified rather than expert.

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