Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Master "Arlo Gilbert"

So "Arlo Gilbert" is a master. Master in what? I should ask the pros in the land for this one but I would love to see what will happen when they give me the answers to this question. "Arlo Gilbert" has been there for centuries but what is important is that there is something that I can do to help him gain attention from his fans today in the showbiz industry.

Hahahahahaha!!! So here it is and when this one goes out in the land of "Arlo Gilbert" pros out there, they will all laugh at me and say. how the hell did he do it? Well, the secret is with "Arlo Gilbert" himself in the run for the SERPs. Just reminding you guys that this is not part of the run at all. This is a personal experiment to the run and has nothing to do with the "Arlo Gilbert" run at all.


masterofthe said...

Hey, Arlo Gilbert the master. Is this really you?

"arlo gilbert" said...

"Arlo Gilbert" master? who is this arlo gilbert anyway?