Sunday, April 15, 2007

Reduce Blog Noise

A recent post i was able to read from SEO Book discussing about the hype that these blog noise as he calls has been creating in the buzz of the SEO umbrella. SEO Book talks about noise on blogs and how they were being amplified by certain tagging sites such as the biggest blogger-friendly site called technorati. Rendering the pages that technorati passes as making it sound and look as if original and authentic pages and sources of information, SEO Book commented that it is being more useless or " worthless " other than of great value to Google users. The author of the post also mentioned that these tags are simply existing through the mere fact that bloggers get the bigger share of the pie through links to their sites/blogs instead of more that making sense out of their information rendering to their blogs.

Since bloggers crave for the exposure that they need for their blogs through technorati's tagging spree, it more helps manipulate the uselessness of some tags themselves. One good example of this worthless tagging called blog noise is like this: if a blogger tags his post as say for example, 123, bucks, hit, slam, and others you may as well understand, these tags are being passed on by technorati in return for the authority of being the social tagging site that it has been known of. The simple point here is that social tagging sites like technorati rendering or dissiminating web informations we might as well call as worthless gets the credit of being the authority when it comes to these tags being available in the search results on search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. These worthless tags produces what is appropriately called as blog noise according to SEO Book blog. These tags while being useless to users of the search engines, are also described as non-descriptive labels that only clogs up the web with useless informations and blog noise.

This type of content management system is a good example of poor quality pages made available for many unconscious users in the web and at the same time being taken a step further for the sole purpose of maximizing a useless authority at many blog factors and strategies for link building and SEO. The engines are hopeless at controlling these tagging spree and therefore forced to make them all available as viuable informations for users instead of treating them as complete garbage.

I just hope a post as this one will help make search engines realize that tags are as precious as their search results are and therefore should not be taken into a razor sharp amplification with respect to garbage and useless tags being made available at will by other sites to gain the authority that they need to manipulate the search engine results pages and informations for the users and the internet savvy. Noises that pollute the SERPs are not to be allowed and i am also looking forward to a noise free search engine results pages in the near future.

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